Friday, April 13, 2007


It's Friday. Why is the blogging world so quiet on Fridays? You'd think this would be a big blogging day. What with the American philosophy of doing absolutely no work on Fridays. Or is it just me.

I'll have you know, QG is going out tonight. Not just to a happy hour either. To a real party!! I even got a new top--thanks to my lunch time trip to the mall and strip-malls.

I can't wait. I'm going to go home, set my hair, nap, get up and get dressed. Head out for pre-drinks and catching up with a friend. And it's booty shaking time!!!!

If anything noteworthy happens, I'll tell you about it. I promise!

Not With It Today

Nothing interesting on the job front, emotional development front, man front, home front. Although I do have a pimple--which is rare. I am not stressed because everything is going fine in my life.

I am completely unfocused today. Not that I have so much work to be focused on. But hell, I can't even focus long enough to finish a complete bloggable thought. So, that being the case, I started day-dreaming about my weekend. I need to clean and wash and pick up dry cleaning. What I need is a house-keeper and an assistant. I just need the house-keeper to come in once and get my stuff more managable. Because for real, right now it's not.

I have three laundry hampers in my house and a cleaners bag. One is in the bathroom for towels, the other two are in my bedroom walk-in closet. One for whites, one for colors. And there's the cleaners bag--pretty self explainatory. It's not the washing I detest. It's the folding. It's so tedious! I'm trying ot hype myself up. But I've been trying to do that for the past few days.

The kitchen? Dishes in the sink, not many because it's only me eatting. The dishwasher? Full of clean dishes. The oven? A mess, by my standards. The floor? There's nice pile of of stuff I swept up. But I was so uninspired that I left the pile there and positioned the broom and duskpan up against the wall, beside where I'd placed the bucket and mop.

Luckily, the living and dinning parts of tidy.

That being said, I am not really excited about cleaning anything this weekend. I want to be out among the people. Out sucking up the last bit of good weather. In this area, one day it's 75, the next it's 50! No in between. No gradual decline in temp. One day warm. Next day cold!

I went out Friday night. I went out hard. HARD. Was I wearing my best? Nope. Just jeans and a top that makes men think of lingerie. I was on fire. I was just shy of signing autographs!! I met a few men. Nothing to write home, or on the blog about. But I will give you a brief bit about each. One was old and there's a funny story about him. I walked up to the bar, but I couldn't get the bartender's attention so I tap this gentleman on the shoulder and ask if he could help me. This was not one of those times where I was trying to get a free drink. BUT, when he got the bartender's attention, he askd what I wanted and when I said water, he tried to push a drink on me--a drink he was buying.

I get my water and we start chatting. Then out of nowhere, another man swoops in and takes over the conversation. I'm drunk--hence the water. I talk to them both, kinda seemed like dicks. To make along story short, the second guy was the first guy's brother. Second guy says, "OK. Choose...Which one of us do you want?"


Want?? I burst into a fit of uncontrolable laughter. Right there in their faces. Have you guys ever heard of such a thing. Mind you, before the second guy said "Choose," They'd both given me their contact information. I took it with no intentions of ever calling either of them.

Then there was another guy. I danced with him and gave him my number. I was clearly drunk because I gave him my home number. He called that night, the next day and so on. I did finally speak to him. Not interesting at all. I'll tell him something to make him not call but not anything mean because he's close with friends of mine.

The third guy was another one from a water trip to the bar. I think he's called but he refuses to leave a message. I don't remember his name either. But he did have good teeth.